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Josh Marshall recommends some history books. We evidently share tastes: I’ve read more than half his list. • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has reportedly told colleagues that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has committed to a vote on the new NAFTA trade deal by October, something she denies. (Axios)

The program is currently being developed using a watercraft that is equipped with a nine-axis gyroscope, dual GPS systems, stereoscopic cameras and a whole host of data capturing devices. It's currently able to be piloted as usual by a human onboard or via remote control. Once sufficient data is collected to accurately predict and recreate a skilled human pilot's decision-making process, the team will focus on making the water scooter fully autonomous. It is essentially a 1/3 scale model of the rigid-hulled inflatable boats that are popular with both the US Coast Guard and the Navy. I would also like to ask him about FaceApp, his indifferent creator. Aside from being a decent icebreaker, it would be a way into something 2019 me is quite curious about: The group of millennium-era technologies known colloquially as the internet, and where they are taking us.

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The United States authorities are correct to point out that Huawei can perform critical commercial, military and diplomatic espionage; actually, Chinese law explicitly requires it to. Yet the law is so stunningly blatant that it may be difficult to take in fully, especially for some in the West. Relations among nations are exceedingly complex, with pacts on migration, customs checks, tariffs and product standards, among many things. Belonging to the European Union radically simplifies that: no trade or migration barriers between member countries, no differences in product rules, and unified trade pacts with the rest of the world.

But, here again, few politicians are as well equipped to weather a political storm. Ms. Pelosi has been a polarizing figure for longer than most members have been in Congress. For years, Republicans have been using her as a boogeyman, painting pretty much every Democratic candidate nationwide as a tool of her and her radical San Francisco agenda. As a result, her public appeal is much like that of the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, slightly above a root canal. But while Pelosi-bashing has its charms — Republican voters do love hating on the speaker — as the midterms showed, it also has its limits. Here is what you need to know about the proposal.

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Log InEludir un poder negro fue siempre una condición innegociable en la historia cubana. Con la salida de Raúl Castro, el naciente poscastrismo tendrá que decidir si mantiene esta línea que limita y condiciona el nivel de integración de los negros y mulatos en la sociedad de la isla. Hoy, siguen perteneciendo al estrato más pobre de la población y son además apartados del mundo que se crea lentamente para los blancos: una Cuba digitalizada, más abierta hacia el exterior, que utiliza divisas y experimenta con una actividad económica privada. Those reports led to another prison stay, this time of three years.