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300 Click for offerThe targets of his verbal assaults have included Michael D. Cohen, his former personal lawyer and fixer, who testified that Mr. Trump violated campaign-finance laws and fraudulently manipulated the value of his assets in financial forms; Donald F. McGahn II, his former White House lawyer, a key witness to several obstruction episodes in the special counsel’s report; and James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, who testified that Mr. Trump privately pushed him to shut down a criminal investigation into his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn.

So Deval Patrick has declared he is running for president. Now comes the hard part: actually running for president.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKECan you expand on that emotional aspect of your designs, which seems to be central to its appeal?

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY• Uber says that more information is necessary, Spotify wants the O.E.C.D. to “clarify a number of issues,” and Volvo has said that a lack of information is making it hard to assess the potential effect of the changes.

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But if the rule survives, “it’s a game changer,” said John Barkett, a former Obama administration official who is now a health policy expert at Willis Towers Watson. Knowing the price of a colonoscopy or knee surgery before it takes place “would be hugely helpful,” he said.

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“So, um, I wanted to talk to you guys,” he said.

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Let’s say, hypothetically, that your spouse makes breakfast for your children while you get ready for work. When you get into the kitchen, right before you’re all supposed to leave the house, you see gobs of chalky egg yolk on the table and under the table and on the island, and the entire room smells like sulfurous death.

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Mr. Mejia has since graduated from high school. Because of his immigration status, he is not eligible for many financial aid opportunities to attend college. After receiving a ,000 scholarship through his high school, he enrolled at Bronx Community College in August with plans to major in media studies. The 0 that he had saved from a summer job at a carpet factory in Brooklyn ran out quickly, though, and last month, Mr. Mejia dropped out.

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